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    • OMV 4.x

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    • Support network cards


      My media box has a built in Realtek network card, which appears is not supported.

      It seems I need to buy another PCI card, is there a list of supported cards or can anyone recommend a fairly cheap card? I don't wish to buy one that is not supported. I am only looking for something basic.
    • Intel NICs are usually well supported. But not necessarily cheap.
      Also a lot of Realtek NICs are supported. Is this a very new type of Realtek board without support in the current Linux kernel?
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    • it's a gigabyte h97m-d3h board with a built in Realtek RTL8111 GbE LAN chip, it did work on previous versions, but stopped with an upgrade. The adapter works fine if I boot windows, but OMV can't find it. Looking into it, there seems to be an issue with the drivers not being open source. The suggested resolution is to use another card to load the drivers, however, once I have another card in there, that would be fine, so I just want to be sure I buy a card that will work (there are a lot around with the same Realtek chip).