New NAS build / HC-2

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    • New NAS build / HC-2

      Hello everyone,
      ive been a ghostreader on this Forum for several weeks now. So it's exciting for me to post here for the first time.

      First of all I want to send a big thanks to all the Mods and active Forum-Members for the awesome job they are doing in helping newbies like me (no linux experience until now) to set up their systems. A special thanks goes out to @TechnoDadLife for his awesome video-tutorials which helped me a lot to get started.

      Up until now i've had a Synology DiskStation (2 HDD in Raid-1) as a NAS-Server attached to my network and have been syncing my Data between the NAS and the different peripherals (Desktop-PC, Laptop, Phone) via Resilio Sync (former Bittorrent Sync). This system worked fine so far. At some point in the last years I tried to install OwnCloud on the SynologyNAS but failed due to my inexperience with the system/SQL-Databases and lacking guides.
      The topic popped up again in my head a while ago and I stumbled over @TechnoDadLife tutorial about installing Nextcloud for OMV and i kept reading in this forum until a "vision" for a NAS setup formed in my head which i wanted to share with you guys and hope to get some hints/advice if it would be feasible and where i could improve the concept.

      After a lot of reading I decided to order an Odroid HC-2 together with a WD Red 4TB HDD (which is more than enough space for my needs atm).

      My idea is to continue using Resilio Sync to sync my files between my different machines (i especially like the feature of selective sync for the clients with lesser disc space). I want to keep all the data on my Deskop-PC also for extra redundancy. What scares me a little bit is the danger of accidentally deleting a file somewhere and having Resilio Sync deleting the file everywhere else, too. So my plan is to set up Rsnapshot for incremental backups in case something gets accidentally deleted.

      So the setup would look like this:
      HC-2 with OMV: - Collects all data from other Machines via Resilio Sync
      - Connects the data with Nextcloud to access them from the internet and also lets me share files with others
      - Rsnapshot for incremental backup, as protection against accidental deletes

      What do you guys think about this setup?
      Should i maybe add another redundancy (e.g. a USB-HDD attached to the NAS for weekly backup of the Rsnaphot folder via rsync)?

      Thank you all and cheers!