Some Queries....Rock 64 Apple Filing System

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    • Some Queries....Rock 64 Apple Filing System

      Hi all,

      I am experiencing PAINFULLY slow transfer speeds when transferring larger files from a Macbook Pro to my ROCK 64 NAS which has 2 x Seagate 4TB USB 3 Drives connected to it.

      I am using AFS over Wifi and it is taking HOURS to transfer 20GB of files and is not much faster over a wired Ethernet connection to be honest,I'm really not sure why this is.I am a complete Network novice so have no idea why this may be.Transfers start relatively fast then quickly drop in speed and regularly stall

      Is there a way to connect a drive to the Rock64 and manually copy files over to the drives to circumnavigate this issue?

      My main purpose is to use the Rock64 as a media server for movies and iTunes as well as a backup device, with the idea being that one 4TB is used to backup the data on the other.One thing I really want to do is store my main iTunes Library on their (which is 200GB +) however transferring such a large file seems impossible and I also keep getting an errror -30 message when doing so which indicates that one of the file names in the iTunes library may not be compatible with Linux maybe?

      This is proving somewhat frustrating as not only did this setup cost about £300 but I was rather enthused about finally being able to have a custom server of my own which would be fast and stable,at the moment it is not really even usable... :S
    • TheWolfman wrote:

      I am using AFS over Wifi and it is taking HOURS to transfer 20GB of files and is not much faster over a wired Ethernet connection to be honest
      Can you provide a screenshot made with LanTest with a wired connection (it's pointless to diagnose low performance with wireless connections since too many factors involved).

      Better use the Fast Ethernet settings first and if this looks ok, try with the Gigabit settings. All checks except printing are needed and this should look like this then:
    • TheWolfman wrote:

      It's taken about 4 hours to transfer 20GB over WI-FI as well
      That's less than 1.5MB/s or over twice as slow as with your wired connection. Which indicates a network problem. Are your iMac and Rock64 connected to a Gigabit Ethernet switch or directly to your or the ISP's router?

      Quick test: do a ping rock64.local on your iMac. If this works, then shut the Rock64 down, connect it directly with an Ethernet cable to your iMac, power the Rock64 on again and access it using its name afp://rock64.local and try again. If you're know at above 70 MB/s you know what's to blame.
    • TheWolfman wrote:

      Both are connected directly to the router
      Ok, since link local addressing or mDNS (the .local thing) doesn't seem to work I would suggest nailing the problem down by using iperf3. Requires you to install homebrew on your Mac and then doing an brew install iperf3 followed by iperf3 -s. On the OMV box you need to do this then:

      Source Code

      1. sudo apt install iperf3
      2. iperf3 -c
      3. iperf3 -R -c
    • TheWolfman wrote:

      having SMB and AFP running at the same time as it may cause issues?
      That's 'just' encoding/metadata issues. Anyway: I would believe it's your router causing inferior performance so since it's a bit hard to diagnose from here I would try to do the connect again using afp://rock64.local, if this doesn't work the iperf3 stuff with the Rock64 again connected to the router.

      Powercycling the router is also a good idea. If wired performance is confirmed to be low I would think about either replacing the router or to add a small Gigabit Ethernet switch you connect your devices too (maybe also getting an inexpensive RTL8153 Gigabit Ethernet dongle for the MacBook).
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