wifi network problem with Raspberry

    • OMV 4.x
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    • wifi network problem with Raspberry

      I installed omv on raspberry pi 3 b and I had no problem connecting to ethernet
      I tried to create a wifi connection through the ovm interface but I always received this error

      Then I created the wifi network through ssh with nmtui and I managed to crack it and even give it a static ip
      The problem is that the wifi network, although it is also visible in the Ovm dashboard, works only with ethernet connected. When I unplug the ethernet cable, the wifi network also stops working.

      How can I solve?

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    • alebuti74 wrote:

      How can I solve?
      With patience. Both wired and wireless interfaces are connected to the same router, the router wants to accesss the wireless interface through the wired interface and if you disconnect the cable both connections are gone.

      Wait some time or power down the RPi, disconnect Ethernet cable, power the RPi on again and then power cycle the router.

      BTW: of course the wireless interface is too slow to be useful for NAS connections anyway...
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