Advanced public folder settings

    • OMV 4.x

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    • Advanced public folder settings

      Good afternoon, not the first week I have been testing this wonderful product.
      but I ran into some problems that I would divide into 3 categories:

      1) Configuration files.

      In this question I am interested in how with the user's home directory enabled
      Make it so that the directory is created but hidden files (.profile .bashrc .bash_logout)
      Created in a single folder. which will not be available to the user
      This is only required in order that the user could not delete these files ..

      2) Access to folder

      The question concerns the user's home directory.

      It is necessary to prohibit deleting the root directory with the user name.,
      in the directory itself, he does whatever he wants, but prohibits deletion to the root personal folder.

      3) File Recovery

      I created mirror Reid on 2 hard drives of 1 terabyte
      When a user deletes files, the files fall into the hidden recycle bin.
      a) is there a graphical option to recover files from the recycle bin

      b) how to monitor the version of the file, to restore it to a certain change in time?