How to rebuilt GRUB ?

    • OMV 4.x
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    • How to rebuilt GRUB ?


      I think it's worth to mention : OMV is installed on a single partition under a RAID and the grub was installed in the MBR
      Also: I just install GPartedLive is not available in the Grub menu on reboot

      My system always reboot on SystemRescueCD even if

      1. I set as default boot kernel: Debian GNU/Linux; I even try to define SystemCDRescue than redefine Debian GNU/Linux without success

      2. My GRUB_DEFAULT=0 in my /etc/default/grub and I did a update-grub

      3. In /boot/grub/grub.cfg Debian GNU/Linux is the first entry after

      and SystemCDRescue is the last one and the only other one

      So my question is : How to resolve this or How to remove/unsinstall/reinstall SystemRescueCD properly ?



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