Never more than 5 data disks for each OMV machine ?

    • OMV 4.x

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    • Never more than 5 data disks for each OMV machine ?

      Hi all.

      I'm migrating from a now defunct well known raid distro :) Data were moved away so the HW platform is now blanked.

      CPU opteron 4 cores
      8 Gb RAM
      1 x HW raid for system mirror, presented capacity 80 GB
      8 x 500 Gb sata disks on 4 x double sata controlers

      Problem: my machine features 8 data disks, ALL are visible on "disk" menu item (/dev/sdb -> /dev/sdi), but I cannot use them all!

      Only 5 are presented on raid menu pannel, even if 8 are actually visible (GUI and CLI).

      I even cannot create two sets of 4 disk each, once the first is created, only one remain available for the second raidgroup, total usable is blocked at FIVE !

      Question: Has OMV a hard limit to handle NO MORE than 5 data disks ?

      I installed the LVM plugin since this is the good way to aggregate PV > VG > LV but again not more than 5 disks among 8 usable!

    • OK I give up with this creepy pile of software sh*t.

      Thought this was a serious piece of work, in fact this OMV is only a toy for kids with cracked HBO series on their NAS... with not more than 5 disks.

      Switch to FreeNas 11, installed successfully, all disks recognized, fast and supported.

      Erased account.
    • Bye.

      Just for the record in case someone comes across this in a search... OMV does not have a limit of 5 hard drives (that's ridiculous). OP was having some other issue which he was clearly to impatient to troubleshoot.
      Air Conditioners are a lot like PC's... They work great until you open Windows.

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