Kudos & Syncthing

    • OMV 4.x

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    • Kudos & Syncthing

      Hi all,

      Complete linux noob here, but in the course of a week - with lots of help from this forum's search feature - I have OMV set up with a working RAID1 and SMB shares, DNLA for my music library, autoshutdown, wake on lan and fsarchiver backup!

      It's amazing, kudos to all here, delighted to have found this great software & community :thumbup:

      I use SyncThing in my Windows environment and see there is an OMV plugin. The guides I have seen say to install it from the OMV-Extras plugin. The issue is that it doesn't show up in a search. I have found it's github, I downloaded the zip and tried to upload to the plugin folder but that didn't work.

      Can anyone inform me as to how I can install the OMV SyncThing plugin please? :)