Docker mitcdh/docker-google-ocamlfuse

    • OMV 4.x

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    • Docker mitcdh/docker-google-ocamlfuse

      Hi all!
      Been lurking on this forum for the past 3 weeks now getting my feet wet in OMV and all it's greatness and quirks :)
      Really happy so far with the set-up. As a long time windows user I had to do some googling and trial and error (installation 4 atm) to get everything set up.

      After reading all kinds of post on getting google drive working in OMV I found this docker: It seems this docker makes it possible to mount google Drive on the system which I think is interesting because of flexibility and endless backups.

      I enabled the drive api in google developers, got my id, key and verifiaction. Put them all in the docker UI as a host, used my docker PGID an PUID in the dockergui but then I'm at a loss..
      The log told me /mnt/gdrive must be an existing location. But what to do about this is unclear.

      What do I do to get this working or will my efforts be futile?

      I know this may seem like a lot of effort for 15gigs but my login from work grants me unlimited storage so I would really like to get this working :)

      Hope you guys can help me out!

      Kind regards,

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