Windows 10 Network Discovery

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    • Windows 10 Network Discovery

      I know that W10 has been a PIA for a number of users in respect of shares both visible and being able to connect to due various settings not being enabled.

      Well it could be that a recent MS update has turned off Network Discovery! one of the options that requires to enabled.

      I have never had a problem connecting to OMV shares from my W10 workstation, until today when a message came up telling me to turn on Network Discovery in the Network and Sharing Centre. Considering I have never turned this off since I enabled it quite some ago I can only surmise that this may have had something to do with KB4489868 the latest cumulative update in March.
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    • flmaxey wrote:

      I have yet to notice this. Is it just a matter of (re)selecting "turn on Networking Discovery" ?
      Yep, that's all I did, it's just there was no other explanation as I have installed nothing in 2019, but the other odd thing is, "an app default was reset", this seems go in a loop and just pops up in notifications, this can be fixed, but again this only started after the recent cumulative update.

      Yes, I saw that reference to WSD, for me I would disable it, I've not had any issues with accessing OMV shares on W10 (64 or 32) and I have reinstalled my laptop more than once :) even my daughters laptop which is set up for her works domain can see the shares, and that's a brand new W10 Pro x64 :)
      Raid is not a backup! Would you go skydiving without a parachute?
    • The above has affected the rest of the W10 machines on the network, not only has Network Discovery been turned off but Function Discovery Resource Publication under services has been set to manual rather than automatic (delayed start) the later allows the computer to be published and therefore discovered, along with it's resources on the network.
      Raid is not a backup! Would you go skydiving without a parachute?
    • While I only have one Win10 box, I haven't seen this yet. Maybe the update hasn't made it to my particular PC yet?

      I've noticed, over the years, that M$ updates slowly filter out over time.

      In other areas, with the fix to workgroup names out, the WSDD addition to OMV works well enough. All OMV boxes are visible under Win10's network view.