Mount FTP via curlftpfs

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    • Mount FTP via curlftpfs

      Hi Guys,

      Any idea how I can manually add a mounting point for a remote FTP using curlftpfs ?

      I'm planning to use a remote FTP for backup and I decided to use curlftpfs to mount it. I tested mounting it via the fstab but being a manual entry is not recognized by OMV.
      Since the remotemount plugin does not support curlftpfs at this moment I decided to try to add the new entry manually in the config.xml
      I think because the fuse type is not supported I end up with errors like
      Could not fetch a matching mount point from the provided fsname
      Couldn't extract an UUID from the provided path
      which seem to come from the mergefs implementation (
      I tried all the combinations with no luck.
      The intended line in fstab is /mnt/ftp fuse rw,relatime,user_id=0,group_id=0,allow_other 0 0

      Bellow are some of my variations of the config.xml entry)

      XML Source Code

      1. <mntent>
      2. <uuid>4f4a020d-5f7a-4380-9b9d-185b9c18aab9</uuid>
      3. <fsname></fsname>
      4. <dir>/mnt/ftp</dir>
      5. <type>fuse</type>
      6. <opts>_netdev,x-systemd.automount,allow_other,ssl_control</opts>
      7. <freq>0</freq>
      8. <passno>0</passno>
      9. <hidden>0</hidden>
      10. </mntent>
      11. <mntent>
      12. <uuid>4f4a020d-5f7a-4380-9b9d-185b9c18aab9</uuid>
      13. <fsname></fsname>
      14. <dir>/mnt/ftp</dir>
      15. <type>fuse</type>
      16. <opts>_netdev,x-systemd.automount,allow_other,ssl_control</opts>
      17. <freq>0</freq>
      18. <passno>0</passno>
      19. <hidden>0</hidden>
      20. </mntent>
      21. <mntent>
      22. <uuid>4f4a020d-5f7a-4380-9b9d-185b9c18aab9</uuid>
      23. <fsname></fsname>
      24. <dir>/srv/ftp</dir>
      25. <type>fuse</type>
      26. <opts>_netdev,x-systemd.automount,allow_other,ssl_control,fsname=ftp</opts>
      27. <freq>0</freq>
      28. <passno>0</passno>
      29. <hidden>0</hidden>
      30. </mntent>
      31. <mntent>
      32. <uuid>4f4a020d-5f7a-4380-9b9d-185b9c18aab9</uuid>
      33. <fsname></fsname>
      34. <dir>/srv/ftp</dir>
      35. <type>fuse</type>
      36. <opts>_netdev,x-systemd.automount,allow_other,ssl_control,fsname=ftp:/srv/ftp</opts>
      37. <freq>0</freq>
      38. <passno>0</passno>
      39. <hidden>0</hidden>
      40. </mntent>
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    • Yes, kind of, my ISP provides also a storage service and also has the option of connecting via FTP and FTPS.

      Not sure how a VPN will change the way I connect to it.

      Set aside the security concerns, I was hoping to some pointers if this is even possible, I'm quite stubborn and spend a few hours on this, usually I don't know when to quit.