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    • OMV 4.x
    • Docker Network

      First of all I am a docker newbie. Nevertheless I have an up-to-date OMV running on my x86 NAS. Now I try to run the Gogs image (

      I have install the docker plugin for OMV. Then I selected the gogs image (see link above). After downloading the image I tried to run the image with settings like this:

      For the networking I have configured to use "Bridged". For the host port I configured to use "3888" which forwards to "3000" tcp. After running the container everything seems fine:

      The openmedia server is running on a machine with the IP Address:

      I did all the configuration via the OMV Website from another machine in the network:

      Now my assumption was that when I open the web browser on the machine and navigate to I could see the Gogs web interface. But instead I get a connection refused. So what did i wrong here?