Thanks for the statement to the EU copyright reform

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    • Admittedly I'm in the US.. but what was the issue? Am I understanding correctly that for forums to host pics, it has to have software to make sure sure said pics don't violate copyright law?

      If that's the case, I notice some of the older threads still have pics in them...
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    • I'm from Italy and this is what I got:
      EU said that every picture, audio or video should be controlled to check if it will violate some copyright. The host will be considered responible, not the uploader. So if I upload an image from a film on this forum, the major will report the forum administrator, not me.
      This is not valid if: the site is younger than 3 years or doesn't have at least 10 milions of revenue. So I doubt that this forum is touched by that.

      There is an other important thing: this is not a law, it's a directive! So in the next 2 years every state should create his own law that will follow this directive. So for the next 2 years will probably change nothing. In Italy in particular the governament was agains this law, so it's possibile that they won't listen to this directive for example.

      I hope I made it a little clear.
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    • The 'article 13' that is talked about says that sites have to check content before its uploaded if it infringes copyright. But that has to be done via national law - and has to be established in a 2 year timeframe. They're also not yet sure if the so called uploadfilter will even be in the national law. Also, note that 'article 13' has yet to be "accepted" by all EU Goverment Leaders. Germany could still veto it away, allthough chances for that are very low!

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