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      Thanks everyone for your help :)

      According to this article the best one is CyberGhost VPN. The price is not so high if you pay per 1-2-3 years ahead.

      But still one question left: how could I find out what torrent speed I'll get with VPN?
      I would suggest doing some research before relying on an article that could be slanted due to advertising. I've never heard of them.. I highly doubt they are 'the best' as there are so many that would be nearly impossible to accurately compute. I like PIA a lot, I know lots of folks here use NordVPN and like it. A buddy of mine just got purevpn, and has had a ton of issues...
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    • Kravetsmykola wrote:

      According to this article the best one is CyberGhost VPN. The price is not so high if you pay per 1-2-3 years ahead.
      There isn't anything special about that CyberGhost pricing. I have been using Torguard.net for many years and I pay only $23.48US/year. That was a Black Friday 50% off discount price I got years ago and they automatically renew it for me every year. The service is flawless.

      You should make sure you also get a SOCKS5 proxy in addition to a VPN. Many providers include the proxy for free with a VPN purchase. It is a lot easier to set up a torrent client with a proxy if is capable of that compared to using a VPN.

      You might also want to consider using a seedbox. I have been doing that for torrenting for years now instead of running a torrent client on my own connection 24/7. This saves me all the upstream bandwidth which can be considerable.
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      if you just want to browse to a site, use TOR browser. For downloading torrents a seedbox is the way to go.

      TOR requires a little different approach to the use of, and sometimes is terribly slow by the specifics of its construction. Seedbox is the right way for p2p. Personally, I've never had a situation to use a torrent at home.

      VPN is certainly a good thing, but is the best solution in the context of p2p ... it could be discussed.
      It's best to invest in VPN and seedbox. VPN for own traffic and seedbox for p2p.

      It should also be remembered that not all vpn services allow p2p traffic on all of their servers, often they have a dedicated smaller number which also lets p2p traffic.