I'm stuck and don't know where to start getting unstuck

    • I'm stuck and don't know where to start getting unstuck

      Hello all,

      I've got myself in a muddle and don't know how to proceed or even what to ask.

      I have OMV set up, OMV extras and Docker up and running. I managed to issue a certificate with linuxserverlestsencrypt docker container. I also installed Nextcloud docker and had it working until I installed the letsencrypt setup.

      Now, I have three docker containers running but they are not showing ports in the port column as shown in the screenshot below.

      On this thread,@Morlan very kindly pointed me to another thread that seems to address a similar quagmire, but I have some difficulties. I am trying to do this without using DuckDNS, as I already have my own static WAN IP for which I pay my ISP. I also have a domain name pointing to my IP with A name records set up for a couple of subsdomains: cloudi for nextcloud and vaulti for the OMV server.

      Please could anyone give me some advice on what to do next, what information I need to gather or what logs I might post to make the situation clearer to kind advisers. I had nextcloud working on a devoted server, but turned it off to transfer it to OMV. I am missing having my calendars, tasks, contacts and files available and I only have limited time in the week to figure this out.

      I've dug around the logs for the containers and have this error in the Nextcloud logs:

      Source Code

      1. ifelse: fatal: unable to exec --network: No such file or directory

      and in the lestsencrypt log, I have this error:

      Source Code

      1. ifelse: fatal: unable to exec --cap-add=NET_ADMIN: No such file or directory
      I recognise the NET_ADMIN thing from the install video, so I'm going to dig into that and try some searches.
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    • Okay, I've sorted out several errors and letsencrypt is now running. I've got the 'Welcome to our server' screen:


      That does mean I've fixed it, doesn't it?

      I did a lot of messing about with config files, following suggestions I found on other threads, particularly with the Nextcloud configs. I'm not sure I can trace back all my blundering about, even though I did try to keep notes. So, things are messy. This raises a few questions:

      • Would I be best off just deleting the Nextcloud container and setting it up again?
      • If so, do I also need to replace my nextcloud mariadb container?
      • And will deleting the container completely replace everything related to Nextcloud back to default?

      I've got letsencrypt set up with ports forwarded as per @'TechnoDadLife's newest letsencrypt video (bless you, Sir: I will Patreon you when this is all over, even though I am now hearing your voice in my dreams and pronouncing 'data' with a short American 'a').

      So, now to search for a guide to installing Nextcloud AFTER having set up Letsencrypt. Specifically, I need to work out which ports to use for NC.