NFS Error - openmediavault kernel: lockd: cannot monitor

    • OMV 4.x

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    • NFS Error - openmediavault kernel: lockd: cannot monitor

      I've just installed latest OMV and am having an issue with my NFS export. I can mount the export fine on my Mac, copy files onto it etc., but Carbon Copy Cloner cannot write a backup image. The error in the server logs is openmediavault kernel: lockd: cannot monitor MacBook-Pro.local

      Kernel version is 4.19.0-0.bpo.2-amd64
    • mysomicra wrote:

      If the hard drive fails in my computer, I'll simply write the image out to another AFS formatted drive
      Understood. But this extra step would ruin the only possible upside of CCC cloning: being able to directly boot from the cloned disk without any time wasted. That said in such a situation where you need to 'restore' data to a new disk I would always prefer TimeMachine which is easy to set up with OMV and works reliably if your macOS version is recent enough (10.12 or above).
    • Apple designed Time Machine to be a black box in their customary 'it just works' style. I don't like black boxes where it comes to my backups and I stay away from Time Machine. Maybe I'm just an old bastard :)

      I can boot from the hard drive I write from the image. Albeit, there is a bit of a time overhead to write the disk.
    • mysomicra wrote:

      I stay away from Time Machine
      Well, TimeMachine keeps versions which is IMO essential to call something a backup (and not a clone like CCC is doing). You could do something similar with your 'clone to diskimage on NFS share' approach if you leave ext4 behind and use modern snapshot capable filesystems like btrfs or ZFS. Then you have also access to older versions of your clone :)
    • mysomicra wrote:

      I'm running the backup now and it is crazy slow
      With TimeMachine and somewhat sufficient hardware (Gigabit Ethernet on both sides, no storage bottleneck on the server) you should get backup rates of up to 30 MB/s:…01#issuecomment-468270197 (but only after manually setting debug.lowpri_throttle_enabled=0 since otherwise backup has lowest priority).