I copied to NAS too large file and jammed the disk...

    • OMV 4.x
    • I copied to NAS too large file and jammed the disk...

      (excuse me for my poor English)

      During copying I filled up the entire disk space. When I break copy process system remove unfinished file, but device still shows 99% used (all files on disk occupy only 50% of the place). I rebooted system - nothing. I want to use fsck command, but can't umont device (under CLI and web controll panel; problem with referenced?).
      What can I do now? Please, help.
    • Try to boot Linux from other media (USB thumb drive perhaps, or another SD card) and run fsck after you boot that way.

      Be careful! If you don't have good backups you may loose data. You may want to try to rescue data from the disc BEFORE you try to use fsck or delete files to fix it, if there are truly important files on the drive!

      There are versions of Linux specially intended for use as "rescue systems" like this. Either for rescuing data from a bad drive or to fix a bad drive using fsck and/or possibly even repartition, reformat and restore from backup.

      Typically it is a CD image that also can be written to a thumb drive.

      Google "rescue linux USB" for more info.
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