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      I'm fairly new to OMV, so forgive me if I posted this question in the wrong place. How ever I would appreciate some help with a strange issue I have.

      I run OMV on a Rock64, (similar to a Raspberry Pi). The Rock64 has a (one) USB 3 port (and gigabit ethernet) which makes it ideal for a small backup server. I've connected 1 8 TB drive to the USB 3 port, and that works really well. No problems what so ever. But when I try to connect a second drive, with a USB hub, it becomes unstable and it disconnects (or unmounts) the drives randomly. On thing that seems to trigger this to happen when I rsync to copy a folder from one disc to the other one. But it happens now and then and the only way to find the drives again is by restarting the computer.

      I've tried different hubs, one of the hard drives has a built in hud and I just ordered a new, separate hub, but it's no difference. Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong here?

      All best!

    • MeredithSmith wrote:

      Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong here?
      The hub in combination with a rather limited USB3/XHCI host controller implementation. Unfortunately this applies to vast majority of USB3 host controllers on ARM SoCs, they're often limited wrt maximum amount of endpoints and such stuff.

      The simple solution is to avoid USB hubs at all when it's about storage. USB3 storage without hubs involved can already be described as 'worst possible storage implementation' but with hubs added to the mix it becomes even worse.

      For 2 disks an alternative might be an USB3 USB-to-SATA bridge with included SATA Port Multiplier as the JMS561 (please read carefully through the stuff since this comes with its own issues).
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