[Offsite backup to GSuite] Rclone or Duplicati?

    • OMV 4.x

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    • [Offsite backup to GSuite] Rclone or Duplicati?

      Hello all.

      I have a 120TB NAS with media files that I want to mirror to an "unlimited" cloud service like the one from Google (GSuite) as an offsite backup.

      I do not plan to mount a plexdrive, or stream from the cloud, just a "plain" offsite backup in case any HDD fails.

      Firstly, I was considering RAID/SnapRAID but I would have to invest in a new case and controller, and I already have an unlimited account on GSuite which I intend to use for this.

      I just need a rclone/duplicati configuration that allows me to mirror the HDD content on folders and performs incremental backups (if I add a new movie, compare the local content with the cloud one and upload it if new). I could run them from either dockers or plugins (I would prefer as dockers).

      Has anyone set up something similar to this? I do not need any exotic feature, maybe just to encrypt the cloud data and limit the upload speed to stay below 750GB/day which is Google's limit.

      || omv 4.0.14 | kernel 4.9.0 | omvextrasorg 4.1.0 ||