Is there a way in the GUI to replace a degraded disk in a ZFS Pool?

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    • Is there a way in the GUI to replace a degraded disk in a ZFS Pool?

      A little background on my storage history in the home for context (skip to the next paragraph if not needed to get to my question). I have an older Synology 1512+ 5-bay NAS that recently had a drive failure. Replacing and resilvering the bad drive was thankfully simple in the GUI to do, but also prompted me to get a move on deciding what my next storage system would be. I have been researching a few different platforms out there, including UnRAID, FreeNAS and OMV, and after testing a few of these, I really like OMV. Further research into filesystems, RAID, etc. and ZFS seems to be the future due to all of its advantages, especially with large hard drives. I have set up a VM on my Windows 10 desktop to test out OMV (version 4.1.22-1 Arrakis) and ZFS (openmediavault-zfs 4.0.4), thanks to TDL for those fantastic videos, and one of the first things I wanted to do after setting up OMV and creating a ZFS Pool was to test a degraded pool and replacing a bad disk.

      In my test VM, I simulated a bad disk by removing one of the virtual hard drives in the ZFS Pool and booted up OMV. OMV booted fine and I checked the states of the pool and it is DEGRADED. I shut down OMV, added a new virtual hard drive and booted back up. OMV sees it in Storage under Disks, but the ZFS section does not appear have any GUI commands for replacing the bad (missing) drive like the RAID Management section does. Clicking on the pool gives me a few options, but I do not see anything obvious to assist in this issue. Is this only available via the command line? 8|


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