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      Hi all,

      I guess I could say that I'm a Windows Server refugee. Since MS Server Essentials doesn't seem to have the actual essentials for a SOHO, I began to look for suitable candidate. That process brought me here.

      While I'm not a stranger to Linux, building servers of any kind can be a PITA. In that respect the OMV/Debian package turned out to be a nice surprise. It's an easy build, there are lots of options and add-on plugin's, with a nice selection of file systems for different tasks. There's ZFS, for data integrity, and faster more nimble file systems like EXT4 or XFS for VM storage and Docker containers. The Virtual Box and Docker plugin's, for the GUI, are a real bonus. All are nicely integrated and easy to use.

      I did some searching in doc's and posts, but didn't find anything regarding a release cycle or schedule. Also it would be nice to know, at least in general terms, what changes if any are to be in the next release. Links to this info would be appreciated.

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