Ethernet not properly working and monit error

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    • Ethernet not properly working and monit error

      I was transferring some data from my pc (windows 10) to my omv netbook (debian 9 + omv 4) over smb and suddenly it stopped.

      It didn't appear in the windows local networks disks anymore, I can't access it over lan or internet is like something broke since it doesn't even appear on the router as connected.

      I've tried omv-firstaid to fix the ethernet connection and wlan but it gives me this eeror message:

      error failed to execute command 'export path=/bin:/sbin:/usr/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/local/sbin; export lang=c.utf-8; monit monitor collectd 2>&1' with exit code '1': cannot create socket to [localhost]:2812 -- connection refused

      I even try to connect directly the pc to the netbook over cable and then I can see the webgui, not in the ip I assigned in the router configuration, but in another, it doesn't show in the router, but I think this is normal as I think it takes the pc as default gateway.

      Is there a way to fix that monit error?

      Thank you
    • Alright, now I find something, I've checked and the ip is getting by dhcp is and I don't know why. My router is configured to give dhcp ips from to 150, and every other device I have is working properly, if I connect the nas over wifi, it gets a good ip ?(
    • skyleth wrote:

      I've checked and the ip is getting by dhcp is
      That is an ip address that is an autoconfiguration address used in windows if a windows machine fails to pick an ip address from the dhcp, not sure why this is being assigned to your omv, best guess is when you connected omv and your w10 machine directly. The why's, wherefore's and how are too long to go into.

      skyleth wrote:

      if I connect the nas over wifi, it gets a good ip
      So what does that tell you? Either the ethernet port on the netbook has failed or is failing, or the patch cable from the netbook to the router has failed or is failing.
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    • I setup the netbook connected to a windows machine, so maybe something gets stuck on the configuration files. I'll try to setup everything from the beginning connecting it directly to the router and check the 4 ports.

      If it doesn't work I guess I just have to look for a replacement, maybe an odroid hc2

      Thank you
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