Orange Pi accessible from ETH and WiFi

    • Orange Pi accessible from ETH and WiFi

      I'm just now getting acquainted with OMV and its working very well so far. I've got my PI set up over ethernet but would like the NAS to share a WiFi network as well strictly for local connections to the NAS without any internet routing. I'm unsure how this should be done. Is this possible, and if so, is there any how-to I could follow? I've tried searching for it but no luck, or I'm not using the proper search words.

    • Didn't seem to work to well with the Orange PI plus 2E onboard wifi, nor with my crappy china-dongle. Complains about blacklisted drivers, still finds the USB dongle, starts probing and sets it up meanwhile I can see the "ARMBIAN" network show up in my network list for a brief moment. Once its complete the network is gone and there is no wlan0 in my interfaces file. Oh well, it was worth a try at least. Thank you!