Backing up system disk

    • Backing up system disk


      I've a OMV system with an ide hdd for system disk and a raid 5 data disk.

      I've build a second machine (debian server based) and what I want is to use it as backup server for various backup purpose but primarily for omv system disk (the meta data are about 60gb).

      Can you suggest and solution ? I prefer not to go into any omv plugins but to call scheduled backup directly from the server (ideal solution remotely from a web interface through the same network (i have build a rasp vpn so i can reach it from anywhere))

      Thank you in advance.
    • What metadata?

      I suspect that metadata should be on some other disk/partion instead of the OMV system drive / root filesystem? That way you don't need to backup the OMV system drive except after major reconfiguration.

      If you move the metadata to the data drive(s) it can be backed up along with all your other data.

      Typically you backup the OMV system drive/root fs by cloning the disk image. That involves a reboot from some other media, for instance a thumb drive.
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