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    • Performance decrease after patches...

      Hi, running OMV on Odroid XU4 with version 4.1.22-1 / Kernel 4.14.111.
      Since installing latest updates during last week, mainly about Samba I think, I am experiencing a noticable performance decrease.
      Having ormerly about 60 MB/s, have decreased to 1.5-2 MB/s .
      Does anybody have an idea, where to tune?

      Thank to anybody...
    • mopedfahrer wrote:

      Is it ok for you with the link:
      Settings look fine (but your cooling not, check the log yourself and search for 'health' there). Based on debug output I would assume you're using a Cloudshell 2 as well? If so please be aware that there exists various hardware problems with this setup: Omv 4 broken odroid xu4 ?
      No more contributions to this project until 'alternative facts' (AKA ignorance/stupidity) are gone
    • Thank you for that fast responses...
      My efforts so far:
      - first, I have learned a new command: armbianmonitor, very useful
      - second, I have checked the Temperature problem. What can I say: the Fan is broken; even if it is quit loud, it was not loud enough for my bad ears
      - third, after some more playing around, it seems to be more a problem of my main Win7 client, because other clients are working with normal performance... To be solved in near future... Anfortunately the timescale of updates (python-samba) was very nice fitting to the performance loss.

      Since over 2 years I am using the XU4 without major problems, and no, I do not use a Cloudshell, but also an USB3-driven solution: .

      Brds, mopedfahrer
    • Nee, alles Gute kommt von den Eltern->Vererbung, ansonsten 2 x Mittelohrentzündung und zu viel Disko...

      To the topic:
      Fourth point:
      - checking the client, deinstallation of the May Microsoft patches did not give any effort
      - then suddenly a flash, back to the hardware:
      - fixing adapter network speed to 1gbit, no effort
      - changing the port at the switch, that's it!

      Laughing is allowed, please don't mob...
      There have been several unknown variables, like Debian update, Microsoft update, changing system HD in parallel
      finally it's an unstable switch port.

      Sorry to have bothered you...

      Brgds, mopedfahrer