Raid Management and File systems missing from GUI

    • OMV 4.x
    • Resolved

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    • Raid Management and File systems missing from GUI

      Hello All,

      I have searched and cant seem to find anything.. I had OMV 4 (latest version) up and running with 2 external sas bays connected with 2 raid 6 arrays built. I moved the larger array to a supermicro 24bay server and connected the external sas to it as well.. I installed OMV on this server and configured before I moved the drives.

      When I start the web gui I am missing the raid management tab and the file systems tab. I can use mdadm and see both arrays in the CLI. I can see all my drives in the disks tab.. I dont know what happend..

      Also, I have tried a different browser and cleared my cache...

      Anyone have any thoughts??


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