does OMV format and Partition a new external USB hard drive ?

    • does OMV format and Partition a new external USB hard drive ?

      About to jump in to OMV, but am curious to know if OMV is able to format and partition a drive connected to the USB port ?

      Searching always seems to discuss the SD Card, but not an external drive.

      Or do I need to Format and Partition the drive on my Windows PC first ( and if so, what file system to use ? )

    • DaveOB wrote:

      KM0201 wrote:

      It should pick up a USB just fine.
      let me rephrase the question :
      If I connect a new blank drive to the USB, will OMV be able to partition and format the drive, or do I need to first connect the drive to my PC to perform the partition and format ?


      Connect the USB and make sure it has power
      Go to the "Disks" section
      If you don't see the USB in the list, click Scan
      When you see the disk, click the disk and click the "Wipe" button at the top (since it's blank, Quick will be fine)
      Once it's done, click File systems
      Click New
      Choose your USB disk from the drop drown
      Add a label if desired and the file system of your choice.

      Once it's done, mount the file system and you can start using it for shares.
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