unable to install OMV

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    • unable to install OMV

      When I try to install omv 4.0.9 or a newer version the process stops with error "can not install system". When I take a look at the newly created partitions on the system SSD I see a rather small ext4 partition (less then 1 GB) and an enormously large swap partition.

      No matter what I try in partitioning the ssd, the system will simply not install. When I preset the partitions they get erased.

      What is the problem here?
    • It is trying to create a swap partition half the size as your system ram. So, you either need larger install media or less ram or use Debian installer.
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    • @heatblood

      if your partition is ext4 then you could reduce the size of it, simply install omv-extra then gParted or simply make a gParted USB key
      and reboot under gParted

      with gParted you will be able to reduce the size of your partition.

      another way is before the installation; when you boot on the OMV Media installation device
      you could edit the grub and remove the unattended/preseed part, by pressing TAB then lunch the installation
      this will lets you to interact with the D-I (Debian Installer) + install OMV
      [Blocked Image: https://cdn-images-1.medium.com/max/1600/1*y1btAumRuwoTZ4pkrNOCWA.png]