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      hi, i finally have some time to set up my box after having all the parts laying around

      my setup will be based on:
      xeon E3-1230L cpu
      supermicro X9SCM-F motherboard
      IBM M1015 controller
      RES2SV240 expander
      SC-4324S SATA/SAS case

      my questions are:
      can i use SAS drives with this configuration?
      will i encounter problems mixing SAS and SATA drives?

      yours, Bilbo
    • The m1015 is an LSI 9211 rebadged and it supports SAS. The other two components support SAS. SAS is supposed to be backward compatible with SATA. So it should work with SAS but you probably need to test if mixing works. I have mixed on my 9211 and had all sata on a SAS expander but not mixed with an expander and case.
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