• OMV 4.x
    • banging my head 3 days already. OMV stands on PC now made already from page description zigbee stick now stuck with zigbee2mqtt instaliation.
      i download pull koenkk/zigbee2mqtt image pressing run image and now no idea what to change here?

      -v $(pwd)/data:/app/data: Directory where Zigbee2mqtt stores it configuration
      --device=/dev/ttyACM0: Location of CC2531 USB sniffer

      Not understand in witch boxes do i need to change here maybe someone can help?
    • if you run the image in privileged mode with the network set to host, in the volumes and bind's section the host path will be where you want your config files and the container path will be /app/data

      and --device=/dev/ttyACM0 bit will go in the extra arguments section you may need to add it like this --device=/dev/ttyACM0:/dev/ttyACM0

      i don't actually have the hardware to test it though as i use a xbee as a zigbee device.
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