OMV on NanoPi M4 (w/SATA Hat) - Temperature and Throughput (Issues?)

    • How do you mean it would make more sense to you to run your OS on an SSD?
      I have an M4 on the way. Right now I plan to use it for Plex and Nextcloud and move my hc2’s to backup. That’s five dockers right there. Oh, plus Heimdall. That makes six. How many dockers are you talking about?
      Retired. I love to garden and mess with computers. The more I mess with both the less I know about either.
      OMV 4.1.23-1 on a pair of Odroid hc2's w/ 4TB WD Blue. Running Nextcloud, Plex, & Heimdall - and a Raspberry Pi 3 running Pi-hole.
    • Agricola wrote:

      What thickness of shim did you wind up using, and what is the dimention needed for the chip?
      Size 20mmx20mm. I ordered shims of various thickness, but they didn't come labeled so I had to eyeball the thickness. My best guess is 1.5mm-2mm should be sufficient.

      Agricola wrote:

      I noticed above you mentioned using 12v 5amp power supply. I plan to run 3.5" drives so that would not be enough amperage for at least two 3.5" drives. What do yo suggest?
      12V 5A is recommended power for 4x 3.5" drives. Here are the specifications I found online for the SATA Hat:

      4x SATA HAT for NanoPi M4 key features and specifications:
      • PCIe to SATA Chipset – Marvell 88SE9215 four-port 6Gbps SATA I/O controller
      • USB – 2x 4-pin USB 2.0 host connectors
      • Expansion – NanoPi M4 40-pin header exposed
      • Misc
        • Power key, unpopulated power key jumper
        • Power LED, 4x SATA LEDs
        • Heat dissipation – 2x PCB nuts for mounting a heatsink on top of Marvell chipset; 2-pin header for fan, PWM modulation for 12V output
      • Power Supply
        • 12V DC input via power barrel jack or 4-pin header; 2A needed for one 3.5″ hard drive or four 2.5″ hard drives; 5A needed for four 3.5″ hard drives
        • 4-pin power connector with 12V and 5V output
      • Dimensions – 65 x 56 mm
      • Weight – 33.48 grams
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