Dual Lan OMV Deluge Setup

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    • Dual Lan OMV Deluge Setup

      If this is in the wrong thread, please feel free to move it where it needs to be.

      I have a RPi3 with the latest OMV installed with all updates.
      I also have Deluge installed. Runs Great, redirect d/led torrents to an external attached device currently being managed by OMV. - Again, runs great. Couldnt be happier.
      Another note: I use ngrok to forward the web interface so i can access it externally. - Works great. (I use screen (d/lable via apt) to open a process for ngrok that doesnt close when you close the ssh session)

      My internet setup:
      WAN #1 : - Router #1 (R1) normal (OMV serves my LAN shares via OMV SMB service) works great, VLC for FireTV, and other apps via Win, Android, Ect, works fine Streams movies great.
      WAN #2 : - Router #2 (R2) - VPN via OpenWRT (Does NOT affect LAN in any way, just serves vpn connection to 127.0/24) OpenWRT firewall for LAN is on. I use it to d/l torrents.

      Here is my problem.
      i have a USB network dongle. works great, by itself. and as long as the other attached LAN is unplugged, otherwise it reverts to the 128.0/24, if both LAN's are attached. Or vise versa if i attach the USB LAN fist.
      What i want to do is this: Make Deluge use ONLY the VPN adapter (127.0/24 eth1) and have the SMB serve ONLY to attached adapter (128.0/24 eth0), and also have internet access via normal adapter (128.0/24 eth0)
      I have followed the instructions provided by Deluge, to no avail. Even when i fill in the "adapter" field in Deluge to ETH1, (I loose all connection to web interface) Now i have read that this is possible via manipulation of IPtables. I followed the instructions to a "T" and all i did was mess up my OMV and Deluge, i ended up deleting the OMV image and re-downloading it and re-installing it.

      Does anyone here have experience in this? All help is greatly appreciated. If any additional information is needed, please don't hesitate to ask, i will try to provide as much information as i can.
      ParrotSec 4.x
    • not sure if this helps
      but for me to successfully have 2 working lan connections only one can connect to the internet.
      to achieve this I set the internet one to dhcp and reserve that in the router
      the other I configure as static through the omv GUI, but I only put the ip address and subnet mask.
      Fan of OMV, but not a fan of over-complication.