Delay when accessing data on Snapraid volume

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    • Delay when accessing data on Snapraid volume


      i just build my new DIY NAS with the following hardware:
      - Mainboard GIGABYTE GA-B250M-DS3H with Intel Pentium G4560 CPU
      - 8 GB RAM
      - 120 GB SSD for booting
      - extra SATA III Controller with 4 ports
      - 5 x Ironwolf 8TB
      - 3 x WD RED 4TB
      - 400 W Powersupply
      - Fractal Miditower.

      the installation of OMV on the SSD was successful and is running fine.

      the 5 Ironwolf Harddisks are combined to a single Snapraid volume (1 Parity - 4 data)

      the 3 WD Harddisks are also combined to a Snapraid Volume (1 Parity - 2 Data)

      My Problem:
      Sometimes (or maybe better always) there is a delay of 10-20 seconds when accessing a folder or any data on the 32tb Snapraid volume. no matter if i try it local (via Putty and Midnight Commander)) or via network.

      when the folder or the file is open, then there are no problems anymore. this NAS is my video storage and when a video is playing on a remote device, there are no issus with jumping and skipping.

      could this be an issues with APM / AAM and Spindown ? my configuration for every harddisk: APM = 1 / AAM disabled and Spindown 10 minutes

      Kind Regards
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      Im not confused, i meant UnionFS with Snapraid on top.

      In the meantime i disabled every APM/AAM and Spindown options but nothing changed and the delay is even worse now. when i access a folder or file it is now up to 60 seconds delay.

      maybe there are some "tuning-options" in the OMV configuration to speed up everything ? or can it be a problem when a volume is too large (32TB) ?

      the same harddisks were previously installed in a Qnap 8bay NAS (TS-853Pro) with no issues.

      any tipps are welcome...

      Kind regards