Zoneminder phone access thru OMV

    • OMV 4.x

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    • Zoneminder phone access thru OMV


      Hi Guys,

      I'm linux beginner after some security advice on OMV running Zoneminder thru docker.
      I successfully set it up using Techno Dad's video which was of great help. My goal is
      to access live video footage on my phone which I have done using the Zmninja phone app.

      To achieve this I've had to port forward 8080 for my static LAN ip (OMV server)
      However when I type in my wan ip address:8080/zm I get the Zoneminder login page
      which I expected. I have no need to log into this page externally however it is still
      out there for the world to see. The password is complex as well. This OMV server has
      nothing else on it other than Zoneminder. It's a stand alone Intel i5 PC.

      Is this set up OK to use from a security view point for forwarding video to the phone app?
      Port forwarding is rather new to me.