rsync push from OMV to remote Synology NAS - permission denied

    • rsync push from OMV to remote Synology NAS - permission denied


      Hi folks,

      I'm working on this since quite some time, reading tons of blog posts and forums and still can't get this work, so you are my last hope.

      I'm trying to rsync a folder from OMV to a remote Synology DiskStation.

      - OMV and DiskStation both have ssh enabled and rsync enabled
      - I can ssh from OMV to DiskStation with user "rsync" using public key
      - OMV can rsync from local drive to another local drive
      - Diskstation is accessible via DDNS service from remote

      Still, whenever I try to set up the rsync job from OMV to the remote DiskStation I get a "permission denied". I'm not sure if I got the right syntax in OMV rsync GUI to specify the remote Diskstation as a target server. Let's assume I try to push some files from OMV into the folder /PhotoBackup on the remote DiskStation

      - Is it correct to do it like this:
      - Which permissions does the /PhotoBackup folder on the Diskstation need? I assigned write/read via DSM for the user rsync, the user rsync is in groups users and administrators
      - Any other hints on how to debug this or I can find out if it is a problem with ssh, the omv user, the DiskStation user, the public keys, the folder permissions or rsync syntax? :?:
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