ETA for OMV 5.0 - weeks, months, quarters, 2020?

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    • ETA for OMV 5.0 - weeks, months, quarters, 2020?

      @votdev I know this is an extremely unpopular question, but can you estimate roughly when OMV 5.0 Usul will be ready for release?

      Throughout the next weeks I planned to put a new server into operation and would like to know if it is worth waiting for the new version. I just don't want to take the trouble again to set everything up twice in a row.
      That's exactly what happened to me when Arrakis was released. The transition time between Arrakis Release and Erasmus EOL had been 2 months only, if I remember correctly.

      I can see that there is an Usul beta on Sourceforge already and installing a Debian 9 right now feels a bit wrong to me too.

      I deliberately don't ask for a date. Please just give me your estimation if it's a question of weeks, months, quarters (or years :D ).
      And how long will the transition phase be this time?

      Thanks for your precious time and please don't feel rushed! :saint:
    • I think OMV5 will be released after Debian 10.1. From my side all features are done in OMV5.
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