OMV5 on Raspbian Buster: Website not working

    • OMV 5.x (development)

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    • OMV5 on Raspbian Buster: Website not working


      I tried to set up OMV on a Raspberry Pi4, Debian Buster (with desktop) and no other software installed. I followed…OMV5-on-Debian-10-Buster/

      After a reboot, I cannot connect to the web interface, neither locally, nor via LAN.

      Error message: "localhost refused to connect"

      nginx is up and running (4 worker threads) -- no error messages in journalctl after a restart
      omv-engined is up and running

      Files in /var/www/openmediavault exist.

      /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/ is empty
      /etc/nginx/sites-available/ contains only "default"
      /etc/nginx/openmediavault-webgui.d/ is empty

      No firewall has been set up.

      Any ideas?

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