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    • OMV 4.x
    • Hi,

      I just installed OMV (using latest version). I need to use vfs objects in my SMB share for FCPX project sharing. Can someone please advise where I'm supposed to put this and how?

      do I go into the smb.conf?

      do I add it in the Advanced Settings?

      I need the following line added:
      vfs objects = catia fruit streams_xattr

      Do I use commas?

      otherwise, how do I force the SMB to connect using SMB 4?

      Hope someone can answer this.

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    • Personally I made some changes of the SAMBA configuration in the past, also using VFS OBJECTS. But I did it on OMV 3. Maybe my advice also works for OMV 4.

      First you should not edit smb.conf manually. Your changes would be overwritten if you change the SMB configuration later by the WebUI.

      For my opinion you have several possibilities:

      First approach:
      Goto "Services -> SMB/CIFS -> Settings -> Advanced settings -> Extra options" and enter the vfs objects string as you wrote it in your post above.

      Second approach:
      1. edit /etc/default/openmediavault (You should make a backup copy of this file before)
      2. At the end of the file append "OMV_SAMBA_VFSOBJECTS="catia fruit streams_xattr" (without the quotation marks"" and save the file.
      3. At the command line enter the following commands:
        CLI> omv-mkconf samba
        CLI> systemctl reload smbd.service
      For both approaches you can check the success with the command testparm
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    • This looks like you are trying to use Apple Timemachine support via SMB. Use Omv5for that, it comes out of the box with this feature.
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    • @cabrio_leo Thanks! First approach already works. Now gotta figure out why some files cannot be deleted. Finder always says file in use even though I'm the only one using it

      @votdev actually I need these options so that I can use FCPX libraries from within the NAS. Otherwise, I would have to work with the libary file on my desktop/laptop then copy it over when I'm done.