Root folder shows empty in File (Windows) Explorer

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    • Root folder shows empty in File (Windows) Explorer

      I just reinstalled OMV on my Rock64. The old installation worked fine for months until it crapped out during an upgrade.

      So I decided to start from scratch since I managed to wipe out my 4TB USB HD. I used ext2fsb v0.53 to wipe the HD and formatted it to ext4 on a Windows 10 box. I then copied 3 large media folders to it. That went poorly as almost 700 movies didn't copy for reasons that look like a space issue which should not happen with 2.7 TB unused.

      I then moved the HD to the Rock64, got OMV running and set up 3 shares. One was the root folder that only I should have access to. The other two are set up as user 'read, execute'.

      So now to viewing files in Windows 10 File Explorer. The Rock64 shows up under Network. when I click on it I see all 3 shares listed but the root share shows as empty even though the other 2 shares are sub-folders of the root. I can view the files in the sub-folders OK but cannot writer to those folders. Also I am not asked for credentials to see any of this.

      This looks like a permission problem but I can figure out what I've done wrong.

      You should know that I did a chmod to 744 recursively and a chown to root:root.

      Any thoughts on where to look? Should I wipe the HD and start over?

      Many thanks for any suggestions.