Raspberry Pi 4 OMV Version SSH Failure???????

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    • Raspberry Pi 4 OMV Version SSH Failure???????


      I've been using the 'official' OMV for Raspberry pi 4 for the past 2 weeks and came across no problems and everything was working fine. However, from the past 2 days i'm having problems with the server. Every time i ssh to the device it connects for 2 seconds and then disconnects. Then when i attempt to re-connect it says connection refused. I've re-installed the same version of OMV that @tkaiser released but every single time i boot back on and ssh to it it just disconnects. Is this a fault with the version or is it something else???? There is also a problem with the web gui. It won't let me even go to the web gui so i can't do anything with it???



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