Huge amount of weird updates

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    • Huge amount of weird updates

      I got unpleasant issue.
      I`m running OMV 4.1.23-1, and few month ago I got huge amount of updates
      here`s output of
      apt list --upgradable
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      debconf-i18n/stable 1.5.71 all
      debian-archive-keyring/stable 2019.1 all
      debianutils/stable amd64
      dh-python/stable 3.20190308 all
      dialog/stable 1.3-20190211-1 amd64
      diffutils/stable 1:3.7-3 amd64
      dirmngr/stable 2.2.12-1 amd64
      distro-info-data/stable 0.41 all
      dmeventd/stable 2:1.02.155-3 amd64
      dmidecode/stable 3.2-1 amd64
      dmsetup/stable 2:1.02.155-3 amd64
      docker-ce-cli/stretch 5:19.03.1~3-0~debian-stretch amd64
      dpkg/stable 1.19.7 amd64
      dpkg-dev/stable 1.19.7 all
      e2fslibs/stable 1.44.5-1 amd64
      e2fsprogs/stable 1.44.5-1 amd64
      ethtool/stable 1:4.19-1 amd64
      findutils/stable 4.6.0+git+20190209-2 amd64
      firmware-atheros/stable 20190114-1 all
      firmware-bnx2/stable 20190114-1 all
      firmware-bnx2x/stable 20190114-1 all
      firmware-brcm80211/stable 20190114-1 all
      firmware-cavium/stable 20190114-1 all
      firmware-intel-sound/stable 20190114-1 all
      firmware-intelwimax/stable 20190114-1 all
      firmware-ipw2x00/stable 20190114-1 all
      firmware-ivtv/stable 20190114-1 all
      firmware-iwlwifi/stable 20190114-1 all
      firmware-libertas/stable 20190114-1 all
      firmware-myricom/stable 20190114-1 all
      firmware-netxen/stable 20190114-1 all
      firmware-qlogic/stable 20190114-1 al
      firmware-realtek/stable 20190114-1 all
      firmware-samsung/stable 20190114-1 all
      firmware-siano/stable 20190114-1 all
      firmware-ti-connectivity/stable 20190114-1 all
      firmware-zd1211/stable 1:1.5-6 all
      fontconfig/stable 2.13.1-2 amd64
      fontconfig-config/stable 2.13.1-2 all
      fsarchiver/stable 0.8.5-2 amd64
      fuse/stable 2.9.9-1 amd64
      g++/stable 4:8.3.0-1 amd64
      gcc/stable 4:8.3.0-1 amd64
      gdisk/stable 1.0.3-1.1 amd64

      I`ll attach .txt file with full list of updates, because of 10.000 symbols limitation.
      And I can`t get rid of them anyway.
      If I try to install them, they corrupt my OMV. First there are conflicts between versions. And if I manage to choose right ones, update fails on some point and change credentiala to webinterface, so I cannot login. I resolve it vith omv-firstaid. But if I continiue with updates after that, they fail to install also, and after that I can`t get to webinterface anymore. Just blank screen. Only option I got is to revert to previous backup, which I made with DD, before running update.

      Please help to clean update list !
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