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    • MySQL Fehler

      Hello together,

      I have a problem to activate the mysql plugin.

      I already installed omv, nextcloud and apache sucessfully. Now i wanted to activate mysql and I always get the error "Bad Gateway". Furthermore when I type the command "systemctl status mysql" the service is running, but there is also something written with red colour. I installed my complete system already new, but got the same error again. I would be pleased, if you could help me. Thanks.

    • jsturm wrote:

      I already installed omv, nextcloud and apache sucessfully.
      There might be a conflict of ports. For example if OMV (nginx) and apache are listening on the same port.

      Generally it is recommended to run nextcloud in docker to avoid these and other issues like version conflicts.
      There is a video about setting up nextcloud in docker. Check my signature.
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