does OMV work with windows 10?

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    • does OMV work with windows 10?

      I cannot see my OMV shares on my windows 10 machine.

      I have read a lot of threads about windows 10 and OMV on this forum (and others) and followed all the instructions and nothing seems to work.

      does windows 10 work with OMV now or not? It seems like Microsoft removed support for SMB sharing but none of the workarounds that the windows community reccomends seems to apply to a NAS.

      I'm not sure where to start in terms of getting help, but heres generally what I have attempted
      In OMV: Set up a RAID, Set up a file system, Enabled SMB, made a share, made a shared folder, made a user, edited permissions so that the user has read/write/execute privliges.
      In Windows: I have checked firewall settings, enabeld SMB 1.0, Enabled network discovery and all other sharing settings I can find. I have tried most of the solutions at the below link:…19-4cd3-8183-56e20b8ce57d
      I have tries to map the netowrk drive but I cannot see any shared folders with any of these attempts.

      OMV is running on a raspberry Pi 3. I am able to ping the pi from my Windows machine. And I can SSH in using Putty.

      If anyone can help me get this going I'd really appreciate it. Happy to answer any questions. I know this is a vague description of my issue; since I don't know what the problem is I am not sure what details are important to convey.

      Thanks in advance!
    • definitely does work(although i cant get it working right for me atm lol).

      does it work if set up as as "Guests Allowed"?

      if so it looks like your in a similar position to me…ead/28110-Non-Public-SMB/

      crashtest wrote:

      Using the username and password you're currently using to log into the Windows machine, create a user with the exact same username and password (cap's and all) in OMV, under Access Rights Management, User. That should take care of the PC.
      (If it's a Windows 10 PC and the above doesn't work, please advise.)
      didn't work for me but, its all i can sugest (apart from trying "Guests Allowed")