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    • Let us know about new versions

      I am lazy man :) How can I make my life easier, not to have to check each week this forum if new major upgrades is done? I do regurlaly omv-update over ssh on my server - is that enough? Will this batch catch new upgrade? Or would it be possible to get some mail when 5/6/7.... is ready? Or something else...? Thank you very much.
    • apt-update, apt-upgrade will keep your current version up to date.

      When you want to check for a new version release, typically the command is omv-release-upgrade. It will return command not found if there's no upgrade available.

      I don't think that command usually works while a version is still in beta, but not 100% sure.
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    • omv-release-upgrade will only be a command when a new release is final as I recall. The command doesn't work unless there is a new version.

      That's how it's been since 1.0, unless something changed very recently (I clean installed 4.0). Looking at omv-update, it looks like all it's doing is just hitting all the servers again as apt-update would.
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    • Simply configure email notifications and cron-apt will notify you on each new package update.
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