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      so i am literally almost ready to finish building the NAS and i happened accross a youtube video which leads me here. Basically i was going to go FreeNAS however from what i see OMV seams the better option as debian has good driver support and have been using Mint 19 for a while now. so have some idea about terminal with it.

      I have a Xeon 8 core CPU
      16GB ram
      9 x 2tb 2.5" Harddrives
      1 240GB SSD for Cashe
      4 x 16gb USB sticks
      1gb Quatro GPU
      2x 6 port Sata3 PCIe cards
      Onboard Intel Nic
      PCI Starteck nic which uses Realtek drivers. If TP Link Nics would be better please just say.

      First Question would be can i mirror all the USB sticks for the OS ? so if one fails i got 3 left then i can insert the new one and it rebuilds this pool?

      Second question i was aiming for 14TB with being able to take a 2 drive fail

      I would like to replace my current Plex server Possibly with GPU support for H265 running on linux mint with this as an all in one solution but i am worried about the OS part being able to take a drive loss.

      I have 4 USB 3 ports on the PC and next year possibly if money allows add a 5 bay usb enclosure with 5 10TB drives in so can this system handle different pools.

      Sorry if these are stupid or overly simple questions but i am on a tight budget and the FreeNas forums just tell me to spend thousands on enterprise grade gear when i wont need more than 124mb/s ever as my data needs come through a standalone network on the starteck Nics, where as the main network runs through the Intel onboard Nics I do a fair bit of video editing and currently this works great just i need to take the next step and remove all the data sticks and drives i currently have to one neat unit.

      Many thanks
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