Remote Mount - randomly wakes up external NAS from the sleep mode.

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    • Remote Mount - randomly wakes up external NAS from the sleep mode.

      I've got an old "WDMyCloud" NAS, which is very sensitive to any access, and often wakes up from the sleep mode when there is any access to it.
      I now use openmediavault for different, USB3.0 HDDs and I set manual Rsync jobs.
      For that, I had to mount the Shares from the old NAS using the "Remote Mount" plugin.

      I noticed, that when this plugin is installed, the old WdMyCloud NAS wakes up more often. Those are random wakeups, but sometimes (after longer uptime) they can change into constant wakeups (every 20 minutes and 49 seconds). The constant wakeups are solved by device reboot with openmediavault (currently Odroid N2, but it used to be Odroid XU4 before).

      Does "Remote Mount" plugin issue any commands to check for the remote shares presence or something? If yes, is there anything I could do to configure it to skip those checks?
    • The remote mount plugin creates a fstab entry that’s it. I will also try to mount it as soon as you save the entry. The plugin doesn’t provide a daemon on the background or use rtc sorcery to wake up your server.
      How does the wake up of the server work? Wakeonlan?
      I know that Kodi can wake servers as they request a remote path using wol. Have you run a tcpdump on your router to watch for wol magic packets?
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    • Thank you for the answer and confirmation that there is no extra deamon in this plugin running in the background.

      This "WDMyCloud" disk is a "budget" NAS solution. It has no flash memory, and the actual operating system files are stored on the same HDD as shares. It causes problems where any connection to this device starts spinning the disk. For example, my openmediavault has 3 external USB3.0 disks connected. When I'm listing Samba shares on openmediavault - external disks are not "waking up" until I actually access them. When I do the same thing on the "WDMyCloud", it will wake up the disk immediately.

      I suppose Armbian (which has openmediavault installed) might have some background checks for smb shares mounted by fstab. This is a bit strange since USB3.0 disks don't have this problem.

      I will try to check packets with tcpdump. The only issue is, it sometimes starts happening after few days since the Odroid device reboot. So it's not easy to reproduce. Remote Mount shares are not used in any "Services" (SMB, NFS), so Kodi or other programs can't access it. I only noticed that removing this Remote Mount (which is actually rarely used by manual Rsync tasks) prevents that WdMyCloud device from often wake-ups.

      Anyway, I think it's not even worth to focus on this problem that much. The "WdMyCloud" device is a bad construction for using HDD to store OS files. It would probably be easier to install third-party OS on it by chroot on some USB stick.
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