NextCloud Slow, SMB/CIFS Blazing Fast - Help

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    • NextCloud Slow, SMB/CIFS Blazing Fast - Help

      I have NextCloud successfully installed on OMV, including remote access. If I transfer a 2 GB folder using my Windows filesystem (Samba), I can get speeds up to 90 mb/s, so it transfers very quickly. However, if I use the web interface to upload something, or the NextCloud desktop app to download something (download so it can sync), it's ridiculously slow. Example: the desktop app says I have anywhere from 6-8 hours left to download 2 GB.

      Is there some kind of configuration that I don't know about to make things run faster? I used the Techno Dad tutorials to get this set up.

      Just for clarification on my setup, I have a separate shared folder with SMB/CIFS access so I can access it in Windows, and then I added it to NextCloud as an external drive. The 2 GB folder I'm trying to sync between my computer and NextCloud is in the regular files section of NextCloud and not in my external drive that is a shared folder with SMB/CIFS.