Upgrading my RPI NAS/Cloud, what to choose ?

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    • Upgrading my RPI NAS/Cloud, what to choose ?

      So hello everyone !

      Here is the situation I'm in. I currently have a RPi 3+ set up as a NAS with one USB HDD (2TB). I can only plug on PSU, replacing the RPi one.

      I'm currently looking at two things:
      - the Helios4 project, wich seems attractive with it's 4 true SATA ports
      - or a Nanopi M4 with the SATA Hat.

      So I was wondering what the expert on here would suggest.

      This NAS/Cloud setup will be used simultaneously by a maximum of 2 computers, and is used to store RAW photos, that then needs to be treated with Lightroom or similar (lightroom catalog being stored localy on an SSD, not on the NAS/Cloud).

      So, anyone could help me decide ?

      Thanks !
    • If your budget allows it, get the Helios. Otherwise, I am very happy with my nanopi m4 and sata hat.
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