AsRock J3455-ITX installation woes

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    • AsRock J3455-ITX installation woes


      I keep having a strange error. I have an AsRock J3455-ITX mobo with 2x4GB memory. The build is as described at…llo_lake_4_kern_prozessor.
      Memory sticks are Kingston KVR16LS11/4 (as recommended in the article). There are 4 x 8TB drives + 32GB SSD as a system drive over USB 3.

      The funny thing, it did work for a while when I did not yet have the USB 3 adapter for the SSD (and it did work for a while even with USB3) but USB 2 adapter instead. The system has been up long enough for me to create a RAID 10 disk and format it with ext4.
      Soon after (not instantly) I changed to USB3 I started getting problems. The error message I get at the system console is "hardware error cpu 0 machine check 0 bank 4". Installs complete OK, but after rebooting this error message comes up.

      This occurs with both openmediavault 4.1.22 and 5.0.5. Linux Mint works OK, so it is not a true hardware failure.

      Is there any trick i could try?