Transmission cannot connect to tracker

    • OMV 4.x

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    • Transmission cannot connect to tracker

      Hi, I would like to ask, what I can do about Transmission not connecting to tracker. Because webGUI of Transmission has limited features, I used regular Windows client and connect to OMV. In torrent properties, it reports: " cannot connect to tracker"

      Can it be because of encryption? On tracker website, they inform that tracker will communicate only with clients supporting newer SSL encryption: EC 256 bits (SHA256withECDSA) and virtual SSL hosting (SNI). Transmission has few options about encryption: perfer, on and off.

      I have ports forwarded on my router too and tracker works okay with utorrent client on my another windows pc. I didnt find any other torrent plugins for OMV, so dont know how to test, if its Transmission problem, or not.